Fulfillment Driven by Data Science


The Future of Picking Optimization

In 1832, a German traveling salesman known only as “one old travelling salesman,” made his mark in the history of mathematics with one simple observation: When one goes on a business trip, one should plan it carefully; by doing so, one can “win” a great deal of time and increase the trip’s “economy.” Two centuries later, mathematicians and data scientists are still struggling with what is now known as the “Traveling Salesman Problem” (TSP). At inVia Robotics, our team of PhD's have studied this problem, and many other algorithms in depth to create the inVia Optimizer, a black box of efficiency.

inVia Warehouse Automation Robot Management System (RMS)

Flexible and Adaptable

The inVia Optimizer is designed with the flexibility to drive results. Let your data and our advanced algorithms decide how to pick. It's advanced machine learning adapts to your business on the go.

Eliminates Travel Time

No need to study wave, batch, zone, cluster or any combination of them all. The inVia Optimizer will base your order picking method on not just big data, your big data.

Gets the Job Done

Failover support and redundancy will run even if you network goes down. No single point of failure. Simply plug it in.

Calculated Productivity

Dynamically locate pick/pack/replen stations on the fly. Unlike other solutions, our stations are not tied to individual aisles and can adapt to fluctuations in demand across all aisles. The inVia Optimizer automatically adapts to maximize the productivity of operators, no matter how many are available.

Focused on ROI in months, not years

Pay for what you need today and grow the system as your business grows, not spend huge now and hope for the future. ROI in months, not years.

Incrementally Scalable

The definition of scalable. Add or remove operators, robots, pack stations, replenishment stations and more, customized for your exact needs.

Deployed in weeks, not months.

ROI in months, not years.

Our mobile robotic warehouse solutions can be deployed and completely paid off before the other guys can even deliver.
We offer a free warehouse consultation and ROI estimate for projects of any size.
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