5 Reasons Robots Make Great Co-Workers

Work is constantly reshaped by technological progress, which means that change is a good thing. If your workplace is adding robotics solutions into the mix, here’s a short list of reasons to be happy:

-Robots know the most efficient route to any item in the warehouse, so you don’t spend hours walking the aisles.

-If you’re sick and can’t come to work, don’t worry—your robot co-workers are always on the job.

-Robots don’t reheat smelly leftovers or take the last donut from the breakroom.

-Robots don’t mind doing repetitive tasks, so you can focus on doing more meaningful work.

-Robots, working collaboratively with people, can increase warehouse productivity by up to 500%. And when productivity soars, companies thrive, and workers’ bonuses and benefits get bigger and better.

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