Football helmet and football

With the Big Game on the Line, Will Your Team be Ready?

They’re the best team in the league. They’re going to win the championship. No one is going to beat them.

And they just lost in the first round of the playoffs.

Now, every fan in the country wants to jump on the underdog’s bandwagon, and orders are pouring in for their hats and jerseys. Will your business be able to handle this unexpected influx of orders? Fortunately for you, you’ve got inVia Robotics on your team.

Our dynamic Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution is the easiest and most affordable way to supercharge your e-commerce business, allowing you to quickly scale up capacity to fulfill orders faster during peak times, then scale back seamlessly during the off-season.

It’s a completely adaptable, turnkey solution that works with your existing fulfillment processes, so there’s no need to rearrange your existing warehouse layout. By applying the “goods-to-person” model, a fulfillment process in which products are delivered directly to a person at a picking station, a fleet of autonomous mobile robots travels the warehouse floor following optimized routes that save time and money.

Robots effortlessly pick any tote, bin or box weighing up to 40 pounds, and can operate 24/7 with swappable batteries and onboard lights. Our advanced system integrates seamlessly with any warehouse management software (WMS) and uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to keep you ahead of the game by automatically detecting order trends and optimizing items for retrieval.

For example, when a superstar player gets drafted by a team or a celebrity declares on social media that a particular face lotion is her “favorite” thing, that creates a spike in orders. inVia’s software automatically flags that activity and may recommend moving the player’s jerseys and the lotion closer to the picking station to expedite order processing.

Best of all, there are minimal upfront costs and little to no CapEx required due to our scalable, subscription-based model and innovative “pay-per-pick” pricing structure, which means you pay for productivity—or when robots are actually filling orders. And if business is booming, such as during the holiday shopping season, you can quickly adapt by adding more robots to meet demand.

If you’re ready to cuts cost by up to 50 percent and increase throughput by up to 500 percent, reach out to our sales team for more information on how inVia Robotics is powering the future of warehouse productivity today.