Think Your Workers Are Afraid of Robots and Automation? Think Again.

If You Think Your Workers Are Afraid of Robots and Automation—Think Again

Just as the famous report of Mark Twain’s death turned out to be greatly exaggerated, so too it seems are reports that Americans fear they will lose their jobs to robotics and automation.

A new report from customer-engagement services firm Sykes detailing people’s perceptions of the future of work found that the words “automation technologies” and “robots” did not conjure up images of unemployment lines. Instead, 67% of respondents ranging in age from 18 to 54+ thought of tools, machines or software that could assist them with tasks and make their jobs more efficient. Additionally, workers in the 25 to 34 age group (who are predominantly Millennials) felt the most positive about such technologies, with nearly 75% believing that automation could make their work more efficient.

On the employment front, fewer than 5% of respondents said they had lost a job due to automation, and more than half said it’s not a concern. Even in manufacturing and warehousing—two sectors seemingly consumed by fears of widespread losses—fewer than 7% of people said they lost a job due to automation.

Overall, when asked if they would be interested in working with some form of automation, more than 70% of respondents said they would be more effective in their jobs if they worked with such technologies. That sentiment echoes the enthusiasm most workers feel when their employers upgrade them to the latest smartphone or a powerful new laptop: smarter technology allows you to work smarter and more efficiently.

Among the numerous benefits of implementing robotics and automation, people listed such perks as getting more done in less time, reducing errors, being more creative, and focusing more on long-term strategic planning. Another common refrain was that automation would make jobs safer and reduce the risk of repetitive injuries.

A Level of Automation That’s Right for You

At inVia, we are robotics and automation experts. We offer a comprehensive AI-driven robotics platform that increases order fulfillment up to 500% while simultaneously allowing your staff to focus on more meaningful work. Our autonomous mobile robots are designed to roll down any aisle and pick orders with 99.9% accuracy. And deployment is a simple process that requires no disruption of your operations and no changes to your infrastructure. 

Through our Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) model, we own, operate and continuously optimize our robots and software to integrate into your environment and maximize your productivity. We perform an assessment of your current warehouse environment—including workflows and operational data—that enables us to determine the right configuration for your business. You can start out with a small number of robots and expand over time, and you can easily scale them up or down to align with order volumes and seasonal spikes.

We also offer a module called inVia PickMate, which can help your workers move goods more efficiently in zones where you aren’t using robots. And best of all, we can get you up and running in a matter of days, which means a speedy return on ROI.

Why does it Matter?

If you’re worried that introducing robotics and automation to your warehouse could be concerning to your workers, you’ll likely be surprised to find they would welcome the idea with open arms. And in a tight labor market, happier employees are more likely to stick around, which helps lessen the need to constantly recruit and train new or temporary workers.