inVia Robotics Raises $9M to Automate Warehouse Operations; Adds Hollar to Growing Roster of Customers

This has been an exciting week at inVia Robotics! We announced Hollar, the online destination for cool products at incredible deals starting at $1, as the latest customer to deploy our robotics warehouse automation solutions, and formally disclosed a $9M Series A funding round led by Upfront Ventures and Embark Ventures.

“To compete with today’s online retail behemoths, brands, retailers and etailers like Hollar are turning to warehouse automation solutions to speed fulfillment times, streamline operations and free up their brightest talent for strategic tasks,” said Lior Elazary, founder and CEO of inVia Robotics. “inVia is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this industry shift. This funding round will help support our rapid growth, enabling us to scale to meet customer demand and invest in top talent to fuel innovation.”

InVia’s subscription-based Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) platform eliminates the high CAPEX traditionally associated with robotics automation solutions, meaning companies of all sizes now have access to technology to optimize omnichannel fulfillment. InVia’s robots works collaboratively alongside human operators to skillfully pick and move items, automating the storage and retrieval process, minimizing operator risk exposure and improving goods-to-person throughput. inVia’s holistic robot management system seamlessly integrates with existing warehouse management systems and directs robots and humans for optimal efficiency.

“We are excited to lead the Series A financing for inVia and to support the team as they make massive shifts in warehouse operations, said Greg Bettinelli, partner, Upfront Ventures. “With 300 million items shipped per day globally and projecting to double over the next five years, commerce has a capacity crisis — and inVia is up to the challenge. It’s the perfect complement to any existing warehouse and workforce, and one expects warehouse picking and restocking costs inVia’s beta clients to decline by 20–50 percent.”

inVia Robotics was founded on the belief that existing warehouse automation processes were good, but not good enough. Instead, inVia Robotics chose to innovate. To learn more about please visit our product overview page.


About inVia Robotics

inVia Robotics is a Southern Californian technology company founded in 2015 that provides the next generation of robotics warehouse automation solutions for e-commerce distribution centers and supply chains. As the developer of the world’s first “Robotics-as-a-Service” autonomous 
mobile robot picking and goods-to-person system, inVia is powering the future of warehouse productivity without disrupting the ecosystem of a business’s operations. Visit inVia Robotics website.

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