inVia Picker Robots

Looking for Team Players? Look at Robots

Assembling a strong warehouse team in today’s tight labor market is no easy task, and retaining qualified people is an ongoing challenge. And any time you bring in temporary help, it’s inevitably disruptive. 

So with peak season right around the corner, it’s time to look at a new workforce that’s ready right out of the box.

Autonomous Warehouse Robots

When you deploy an automated picking system, such as our next-generation Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) system, you get a customized fleet of robots that pick with 99.9% accuracy. Highly-accurate picking means far fewer orders need to be fixed, and you spend less time and resources on quality control.

Our robots map your warehouse and select the most efficient routes, using machine learning and AI to continually optimize the fulfillment process. We also direct the consolidation of items after picking to ensure that orders are accurate.

When you partner with inVia, we do an assessment of your current environment, workflows, and data, and input that information into our system to develop a system tailored specifically for your business. Best of all, you pay for the services our robots provide—not for the robots. That way, you don’t incur big upfront costs that delay ROI.

Picking Robots Provide Scalability and Adaptability

Among the many benefits of investing in robotics and automation is the unprecedented level of scalability that a RaaS system provides. Adding additional robots is a seamless process, allowing you to quickly scale up capacity to fulfill orders faster during peak times, and scale back during the off-season.

The inVia system also lets you take advantage of emerging product trends. For example, when a celebrity declares on social media that a particular face lotion is her favorite, that creates a spike in orders. inVia’s software automatically flags that activity and recommends moving the lotion closer to the picking station to expedite order processing. It monitors inventory levels, and can even free up shelf space by optimizing SKU storage, allowing you to add new SKU based on consumer interest.

Why Does it Matter?

Adding fulfillment robots and a robot management system (RMS) to your warehouse adds a level of accuracy and scalability that is unparalleled, helping you run faster and more efficiently while keeping your valuable employees from getting burned out by repetitive tasks. 

Ready to start transforming your warehouse? Please give us a call – we’d love to hear from you.