Optimized Picking Without Robots? There’s an App for That.

Here at inVia Robotics, we build robots. After all, our name is a combination of the words “innovation via robotics.” But at the heart of what we do, we are a software company. It’s the software that directs the robots where to go and how to move goods seamlessly across your warehouse. Our comprehensive automation system is powered by AI-driven applications that work in the background to keep everything in your warehouse running efficiently—including your people.

The core of our system is inVia Logic, which calculates and synchronizes the most efficient inventory moves in the fulfillment process, and inVia Command, which tells our Picker robots and/or your warehouse workers how to make those moves. 

No Robots Required

inVia Command includes the inVia PickMate module, which can help your staff move goods more efficiently in zones where you aren’t using robots. It provides simple instructions for moving items from the pick face into order bins with simplicity and precision, and also includes a management view with real-time visibility into worker productivity levels.

We designed inVia PickMate’s user interface to be simple and intuitive. It adapts to any size screen to show your people precisely where to find the right product to pick and then which order bin to place it in.

inVia Pickmate app on a mobile phone

And because we analyze your inventory data and optimize storage locations and pick paths, your people are always positioned in the right spot to move goods quickly and accurately through the fulfillment process. The result is at least a 2x improvement in productivity over your manual processes, as well as a reduction in missed pick rates. 

One of the best features of this picking system is that there is no hardware to integrate, and there are zero changes to your physical warehouse. No need to purchase and install new shelves with lighting. No need to add robots if you’re not ready to do that yet. And when you are ready, inVia Logic will have already mapped your warehouse and integrated with your WMS. So, adding robotic picking zones is a piece of cake. 

Why Does it Matter?

You don’t always need robots to reap the benefits of our warehouse automation system. If you’re not ready yet for robots in your warehouse aisles, you can use or AI-powered system to guide your workers and more than double your throughput. And when you are ready, our inVia PickMate is the perfect complement to robotic picking. It lets your people focus on picking goods that are non-standard sizes and shapes, while your robots focus on the routine movement of goods.

To learn more about how to use the inVia system to guide your people or our robots—or a combination of both—click here.

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