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The Sharing Economy Comes to the World of E-Commerce

From booking a beachside cottage on Airbnb to renting an electric scooter or taking an Uber to the airport, the “sharing economy” is all around us. And while there’s some debate over the term’s precise definition, the overall concept is pretty simple: instead of buying something, you “borrow” it as needed—for a fee.

Why shell out thousands of dollars to buy and maintain a car when you can take a Lyft? Why buy an expensive designer gown for a special event when you can rent one online at a fraction of the cost? And why lease expensive office space when you can set up shop in a co-working space and share the infrastructure and amenities?

So when it comes to your growing e-commerce business, why not take a page from the sharing economy? Instead of investing millions of dollars to build and configure a warehouse automation system, consider inVia Robotics’ next-generation Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) mobile automation solution as a way to maximize productivity and fulfill orders up to five times faster.

Implementing the inVia solution is quick and easy: with a brief review of your data, we can recommend the best deployment plan, and there’s no need to redesign your entire process or modify your distribution center. Our robots integrate easily into any existing infrastructure and require no downtime to get up-and-running. And adding extra robots to handle seasonal upticks in business is as easy as opening a crate.

Best of all, there are minimal upfront costs and little to no CapEx required due to our affordable, subscription-based model. Since inVia Robotics owns and maintains the robot fleet and software throughout the life of the contract, you don’t buy any equipment and there’s no need to become a robotics expert.

And much like the updates you receive periodically to your mobile phone’s operating system, inVia is continuously updating its software in the background using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze anonymized customer data and recommend continuous process improvements. By sharing that data across its entire customer base, inVia can help companies anticipate and address potential issues before they become actual problems.

Additionally, inVia’s adaptable “pay-per-pick” pricing structure means you pay for productivity, when robots are actually filling orders.

To learn more about how inVia is powering the future of warehouse productivity, download our free eBook: “Robotics as a Service: The Fastest Path to Warehouse Automation” today.