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More than just ink and toner. Find everything you need for the office, all in one place.

Ink. Toner. Office. If you need these supplies, LD Products can deliver them to you quickly and accurately. Founded in 1999, they recently faced the best kind of business challenge; consumer demand was outpacing their ability to pick and pack ecommerce orders quickly and accurately. The solution was a call to inVia Robotics.

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No one ever wants to run out of ink.

LD Products is an online supplier of printer cartridges and office supplies. They’ve grown to process more than 135,000 orders a month. This wasn’t always the case. 

Like most warehouses, as orders came in, they printed them out and gave paper pick tickets to operators who would take the ticket and walk to the aisle, find the bin, select the item, scan it, and put it in a tote. The process was manual, slow, and prone to human error. 

It was also extremely time consuming on two fronts. The time it would take to manually fulfill orders, and the time it took to continually look for and train new employees. Keeping up with growing customer demand became a daily struggle.

inVia robotic picking automation gives us the edge to compete with larger companies spending millions on automation and robotics.

Aaron Leon CEO LD Products
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For a company committed to helping all sized-businesses get affordable office supplies, making the decision to contact inVia Robotics was the right call.

Quick. Easy. Disruption free.

The inVia Robotics engineering team visited LD Products’ facilities multiple times and worked with their warehouse crew to figure out the best robotic picking solution for their specific needs. Implementation happened quickly, without disruption to LD Products’ existing warehouse processes.

According to James, an LD Products warehouse manager, one of the benefits of the inVia system is how easy it was to implement. The robots arrive assembled, and ready to go. 

Commenting on the inVia system, James said, “They have improved our fulfillment productivity. You’re not worried about picking; you go right into packing. They easily integrate into your existing workflow. During peak season, it allows for other robots to come in as if they were already here, and help out with any spikes in your volume.”

Another reason LD Products is glad they implemented inVia Robotics, is that it’s allowed them to open the door for 24-hour operation, because the robots can operate autonomously. 

According to LD Products Founder and CEO Aaron Leon, “The robotics as a service model is really great for us. It gives us cost certainty. inVia robotics picking automation gives us the edge to compete with some of the larger ecommerce companies spending tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions on automation and robotics.”