The inVia Dynamic AS/RS

We’ve created the next generation of automated storage and retrieval systems. The inVia Dynamic AS/RS is the evolution of goods to person fulfillment, providing flexiblity and maximizing throughput with lower up-front costs. Conventional goods to person systems range from bulky, rigid carousels to the inflexible and incredibly high capital expenditures of a conventional AS/RS. Start with five robots. Start with 20. Add robots, or pull back, based on growth or seasonal demand. It’s adaptability and scalability designed around you.

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The Evolution of Goods to Person Fulfillment

The inVia goods-to-person automated fulfillment system delivers your totes, corrugated trays, and more directly to pickers, packers, shippers and replenishers eliminating 100% of travel time in the warehouse aisles. We integrate with existing warehouse systems and create customized workstations to directly fit any business needs. Our advanced warehouse automation software dynamically adjusts to maintain the highest units per hour (UPH) numbers in the industry, resulting in the lowest cost per pick available in the market.


You don't have to spec your warehouse for its 5 year peak. You don't have to isolate your entire inventory to automate and you can change your totes, bins, racks or process at any time. Unlike traditional automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) or carousels, no construction project required!



Flexible and Adaptable

Picker is designed to work for a wide range of totes, trays and boxes directly from your existing shelving. No construction project required!

Eliminates Travel Time

Don't waste time and money, and operator's safety, walking aisles. Picker robots bring goods directly to your pick, pack, ship or replenishment stations.

Gets the Job Done

Failover support and redundancy with standby robots ready to go and safe, open access to the pick face. No single point of failure.

Calculated Productivity

Dynamically locate pick/pack/replen stations on the fly. Unlike other solutions, our stations are not tied to individual aisles and can adapt to fluctuations in demand across all aisles.

Focused on ROI in months, not years

Pay for what you need today and grow the system as your business grows, not spend huge now and hope for the future. ROI in months, not years.

Incrementally Scalable

The definition of scalable. Add or remove singular robots, pack stations, replenishment stations and unlimited rack space, customized for your exact needs. Unlike other systems our robots can be allocated wherever demand strikes.

Deployed in weeks, not months.

ROI in months, not years.

Our mobile robotic warehouse solutions can be deployed and completely paid off before the other guys can even deliver.
We offer a free warehouse consultation and ROI estimate for projects of any size.
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