A Better – and Easier – Way to Automate Your Warehouse Workflow

This is a fully autonomous, mobile, warehouse robotics solution. Our system dramatically increases productivity by creating efficient workflows and eliminating time wasted walking through the warehouse – all without long, complicated setups or big upfront costs.


Benefit from automation.
Only pay for productivity.

Picking Robot

You don’t need to be a robotics expert to automate your warehouse operations. Leave that to us. Through our Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) model, we own, operate and continuously optimize our robots to integrate into your environment and maximize your productivity.

Scale Investment to Flex With Your Business

Easily scale robots up or down to align with your order volume and seasonality.

Pay per Pick, Not for Equipment

You pay for the services our robots provide, not for the robots. So you don’t incur big, upfront capex that delays ROI and negatively affects cash flow.

Don’t Wait for Results 

Start seeing increased throughput and positive ROI as soon as you deploy  and deploy in days, not months.

Let Us Be Your Resident Robotics Expert

When you choose inVia, we become an extension of your team – not only our robots, but also our people. Our robots roll out on your floor every day to keep you productive, and we work behind the scenes to keep your system maintained and optimized.

Robotics Management System

Intelligence drives it all.

Desktop showing inVia RMS screen

You’ll see our robots making your warehouse aisles run like clockwork, but it’s the inVia Robotics Management System (RMS) that is working behind the scenes to keep your workflows running efficiently. The RMS integrates seamlessly into your existing warehouse environment to add another level of intelligence to your business through AI. 

Set Up and Integrate With Ease

Our RMS complements any Warehouse Management System (WMS), or it can reduce your need to invest in one if you don’t have one in place.

Access Your Mobile Robots With Your Mobile Devices

Our simple RMS portal lets you see the location of robots and inventory, as well as productivity levels, from most any smart device.

Capture – and Store – More Intelligence

Our RMS is cloud-based and gives you the ability to input, manage and leverage unlimited points of data to make your warehouse smarter. We also continually update the system through AI and machine learning.

Eliminate Single Points of Failure

Built-in redundancy and failover system support means you won’t risk operations shutting down.

Robotics Operations Center

Robotics Operations Center on screen

Remote, dedicated monitoring and support

From inVia’s headquarters we staff our Robotics Operations Center (ROC) with a team of robotics technicians to monitor your inVia system 24/7. We identify any potential issues before they become problems and can make adjustments to robots mid-fulfillment to prevent disruptions.  

Proactive and Predictive Monitoring

Our monitors display detailed simulations of your warehouse. We can spot anything that doesn’t look quite right and make immediate changes from our ROC, including switching out robots while we troubleshoot potential issues so your operations don’t miss a beat.

Robotics Expertise on Demand

Our ROC staff are experts in warehouse operations and are co-located at our home office with the same engineers who develop and deploy your automation system.