A driver of Picking Productivity

The person to goods solution is the collaborative warehouse robot, essentially operating as an automated pick cart to handle goods picked by operators in the warehouse aisles. Combined with the inVia Optimizer, worker's travel time is drastically reduced by creating zone based work areas for human pickers and letting the robots do more of the "walking" in between. We schedule the routes of both robots and humans to increase the efficiency compared to traditional picking methods. Cameras emulate the process of RF guns, and each Runner can be outfitted with a variety of interface options including tablets, smart watches, audio picking and augmented reality vision picking.

Meet the inVia Runner

The Runner robot effortlessly navigates the warehouse to "meet" your human pickers at their assigned pick locations. Assisting people by reducing their walking distance between picks, carrying the goods back to pack/ship stations and even bringing replenishment goods into the warehouse aisles is an ideal case for collaborative robots. The Runner's goal is to improve the productivity of every labor hour and when compared to traditional picking methods, can lead to a 3-5X increase in pick rates.

In applications where the Dynamic AS-RS goods to man solution or the inVia Picker goods to box solution are not possible for all SKU's, the Runner can be combined as a great alternative to standard picking with pick carts. Runner can work on its own as a virtual conveyor, or pair with your robot and human team, receiving and delivering items handed off across the warehouse.

The Workhorse in Your Warehouse

Runner carries the load. With goods, totes or boxes on its shoulders, Runner navigates your warehouse where it is needed most to meet robot or human pickers/replenishers.

Gets the Job Done Collaboratively

Failover support and redundancy with standby robots ready to go. Our systems offer unrestricted access to all picking areas. There is no single point of failure with inVia flexible warehouse automation.

The Productivity Driver

Runner's name says it all. Human travel in a warehouse is the greatest opportunity for cost and liability reduction. Runner allows robot and human pickers to focus their time on value added operations.

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