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Empower your warehouse team with 500% more fulfillment using the world's first goods-to-person robotics platform.

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A goods-to-person system that’s ready to deliver.

Flexible and Adaptive

Easy-to-use Robot Management System


A goods-to-person system that’s ready to deliver.

We’ve created the next generation of automated storage and retrieval systems, powered by autonomous mobile robots. The inVia Dynamic AS/RS is the evolution of goods to person fulfillment, working collaboratively with your human operators to maximize the productivity of every hour and dollar.

  • No blank canvas or construction project required.
  • No more killing your knees walking warehouse aisles.
  • No CAPEX required.


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Flexible and Adaptive

InVia warehouse robots are designed to work with any existing shelves, various tote sizes and materials, and floorplan. No construction project required and you can add or upgrade robots without any additional costs or configuration. We price our subscription based on your throughput, not the number of robots.

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Easy-to-use Robot Management System

Know your cost per pick with every pick. Real-time updates enable you to monitor your fulfillment process from nearly any smart device from wherever you are. The RMS seamlessly integrates with your existing warehouse management system and directs robots and humans for optimal efficiency – you don’t have to reprogram anything.

Implementation made easy.

We’ve created a turnkey, robotic warehouse automation solution that improves logistics workflow through technology that empowers, not overwhelms.

Unlike other robotic solutions, implementing inVia Robotics solutions is not costly or time consuming.


We fit seamlessly into your existing fulfillment process, no matter the size of your distribution center.

Applied Innovation

No need to redesign your entire process, modify your distribution center, or build one from scratch. No construction project required!

Day 1 Optimization

Be empowered with data-driven results for bigger impact starting the first day of deployment.

Rand Voorhies explains how easy Robotics-as-a-Service is for warehouse automation.


See Our AS/RS Autonomous Robots In Action

“The great thing about robots-as-a-service [RaaS] is that customers don’t need to be experts in robotics … We handle all of the software, all of the integration and all of the hardware.”  

Rand Voorhies, inVia Robotics CTO & Co-Founder