Imagine your warehouse humming with productivity 24/7 and never worrying about it.

Our subscription-based offering isn’t just hardware, software, or remote oversight, it’s all of the above working together seamlessly to optimize your operations. The inVia system is comprised of nimble robots, powerful AI-driven optimization software, and 24/7 proactive monitoring all dramatically increasing productivity and accuracy by creating efficient workflows, eliminating wasteful warehouse walking, and ensuring smooth operations day and night.

Accuracy Throughout Fulfillment

Our system reduces inaccurate human touches across your entire fulfillment process leading to accuracy gains during picking, replenishment, and all the way to putbacks. Cycle counting and warehouse mapping give the added benefit of precise insight into inventory levels and location.

Peak Efficiency

Our cloud-based system provides the ability to input, manage, and leverage unlimited points of data to make your warehouse smarter. Its business intelligence reporting also makes it easy to access and understand the data you need to make quick, informed decisions.

Remote Oversight by Experts

Our experts in warehouse operations are co-located at our home office with the same engineers who develop and deploy your automation system. This highly-skilled team works together to remotely oversee your system ensuring your orders are fulfilled like clockwork.

System software features

Maps, guides, and plays well with others.

The engine of our system is the suite of AI-driven software working behind the scenes to keep your warehouse running efficiently. inVia Logic calculates the most efficient inventory moves while inVia Command tells our robots or your people how to make those moves. inVia Connect makes quick deployment possible by communicating data seamlessly with your WMS, no infrastructure changes required.

Easy-to-use management software lets you make real-time decisions anywhere.

Our portal and dashboards let you see real-time locations of robots and inventory, as well as productivity levels, from most smart devices. That means you can monitor your operations and make informed real-time decisions wherever you are.

Increase productivity.
Learn. Repeat.

We continually update the system through AI and machine learning, finding new efficiencies across your workflow. Software and workflow updates are included with your service, so you always stay ahead of the technology curve.

Don’t change a thing.
We adapt to You.

Keep your racks and your floors, as they are. The compact size and mobility of our robots allow them to work with any layout—existing or greenfield—and continue to adapt as changes are made to infrastructure over time.

Meet volume spikes and
fill workforce gaps.

Need more throughput for peak seasons? Want to add a third shift to cover seasonal upticks? You’re covered. With our RaaS model, you can scale robots up or down to meet seasonal demand and fill workforce gaps.

Help your people
up their game.

inVia PickMate gives people simple instructions for moving ordered items from the pick face into order bins, helping your staff move goods more efficiently in zones where you aren’t yet using inVia Picker robots. It also includes a management view with real-time visibility into productivity levels.

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Robotic hardware features

Nimble, adaptable,
tireless team players.

Ready for your shelving with 8ft reach

Picker robots are compact (just 25.5 in x 26.1 in) and have an extendable lift that reaches up to 8 feet. An industrial suction cup seals a tight grip on your totes and keeps goods secure as they move through the warehouse.

Handles goods up to 40 pounds

Our robots can pick and move standard totes of all materials, shapes and sizes, weighing up to 40 pounds. They also adapt to your shelving, and we’ll even provide intelligence that helps you optimize density.

Non-stop operation with hot-swappable batteries

Hot-swappable batteries that last up to 10 hours mean you can run your operations non-stop never wasting a second of valuable fulfillment time, and a built-in lighting system allows robots to see in the dark.

Goods-to-person efficiency

While many automation systems require people to walk with robots in warehouse aisles (people-to-goods), our autonomous robots eliminate costly warehouse walking by locating specific bins or totes on shelves, removing them, and carrying them back to stationary pickers (goods-to-people) enabling huge productivity gains.

It’s much more than picking. Automate tasks across your fulfillment process.

Working within your existing warehouse infrastructure, inVia’s system maps the most efficient pick paths for your people or our robots. Our robots can operate 24/7 and autonomously pick totes up to 40 pounds, at heights of up to 8 feet. They gather intelligence in the process in order to continually identify the optimize paths.

It’s often more efficient to pick in parallel across zones in your warehouse. inVia’s system not only maps the most efficient pick paths but also manages the consolidation of picked items from every zone.

When inventory falls to minimum pre-defined levels, inVia’s system directs automated robots to retrieve and deliver totes to the replenishment station. The totes are then refilled, and the robots return them to their assigned location in the warehouse.

inVia’s system helps you more efficiently manage inventory and eliminate the costs of inaccurate counts and shrinkage. Our robots bring the totes directly to warehouse workers for counting, eliminating errors and time wasted walking endless warehouse aisles. Alternatively, robots can count autonomously by weighing totes to establish inventory quantities.

inVia’s robots manage returning products into the warehouse, whether customer returns or mis-picks that piled up in hospital. They carry these goods back to the right slot in the warehouse, and inventory data is updated to ensure all products are accurately accounted for.

People in warehouses inevitably make mistakes, and inVia’s system can efficiently remedy them by organizing random mis-picks into a logical re-stocking path. Then our robots use that logic to return goods back into the warehouse where they can be used to fulfill new orders.

inVia’s system can assign unique identifiers for your inventory so that you can immediately locate any product that falls within a particular batch or lot in your warehouse. This can be used to identify anything from materials that went into a product to dates the product entered the warehouse.

Once items have efficiently moved their way through picking and are ready to pack, inVia’s system tells packers which items to retrieve from order bins and place into shipping boxes. Part of the process is checking to ensure the right products and complete orders are ready to go, ensuring accuracy rates stay high.

inVia’s system uses precise algorithms to calculate how and how much product fits into a container, whether for orders, inventory, or packing.

Having visibility into the performance of your people and your operations is a prerequisite to making impactful business decisions. inVia’s software delivers real-time, actionable data, allowing you to adapt your operations to always perform at peak efficiency.

We optimize your operations,
so you can grow your business.

Subscription-based autonomous robots with 24/7 support, intelligent software, and zero-downtime implementation.

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