InVia Robotics: The Things We Value Most of All

At inVia Robotics, we believe that technology can make a significant and positive impact on people’s lives. We’ve all watched this happen with every new technological advancement — travel, communication, problem-solving. And we are seeing it now with automation. Robots are doing repetitive tasks, so people can spend their time doing more meaningful work. It’s our mission to make that possible, and each of our core values guides us toward that goal:


It’s in our DNA — and our name, innovation Via Robotics. We look at how things are done and figure out a better, more efficient way. We design. We build. We test. We iterate. And we innovate — constantly. We know that innovation is not a destination, but a continuous journey.


Robots that can do backflips are pretty cool, but the robots that are actually solving problems and completing tasks that need to be done today are really cool. This is where we see automation truly making a meaningful impact on people’s lives. It’s not always easy or glamorous, but we thrive in complexity, and it motivates us to find the most practical solutions to the most challenging problems.


We are explorers at heart, blazing new trails into uncharted territory. We find our way around obstacles and through mazes, making new and important discoveries along the way. Finding new possibilities is what fuels us.


We are driven by change and embrace the new paths it helps us discover. Our founders came together with an idea to solve one set of problems, only to uncover an entirely new set where we could make a much bigger positive impact. That was the genesis of our company, and that ability to adapt quickly when it’s needed is what sets us apart.


Diving into the unknown excites us. Sure, uncertainty can often make people feel fearful or unsettled. We experience that as excitement and motivation. Our curiosity about discovering new, cool things makes our work adventurous every day.  We’re always up for a new challenge — the tougher the better.


You know that great feeling you get when you take a really challenging problem, look at it from several different angles, and then you finally solve it? Or maybe that’s just us. Solving unsolvable problems is our kind of fun!

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