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inVia Robots

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the questions we are asked most often.

Is the system available now?

Yes. We have complete systems in e-commerce fulfillment warehouses across the U.S. Our inVia Picker and inVia Runner robots are in live operation in warehouses across the country picking and delivering goods in a range of categories, including food and beverage, household goods, and technology components. Visit our Testimonials page to read about how they are evolving automated warehouses around the country.

How many robots do I have to get to start?

There is no minimum order to get started. We implement robots based on your order fulfillment needs and how you work. We advise you begin with an inVia Picker robot paired with an inVia Runner delivery robot. This will exponentially enhance your efficiency and fulfillment productivity. The inVia Robotics Management Software is included, regardless of how many robots are deployed.

Do I have to change my warehouse in any way to implement your robotic fulfilllment system?

No. You don’t have to do anything. We provide a holistic, automated robotic picking solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing fulfillment operations and any existing warehouse management software you’re running. You don’t have to change your layout, your shelving, or reprogram any software.

How much can I save with your system?

While every warehouse is unique, our customers frequently save 60% or more on their picking costs. The best way to calculate savings and ROI is for us to meet with you and discuss your specific needs. Click here to begin the conversation. Ultimately, savings depends on a number of factors, including the number of picking robots you deploy and the number of hours per day you have them in operation. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your automated picking needs in more detail.

What are the lease terms?

inVia Robotics is designed to be an affordable RaaS (Robots as a Service), which means you don’t buy the system, you lease it. Leasing terms are available by the month or by the year. Monthly investment is based on the total number of robots deployed based on your specific needs. There is no minimum order to start. All maintenance and service is included. Please contact us for specific leasing information.

What happens if something isn’t working?

Service and maintenance of the robots is included with your lease, making the ownership experience worry free. In the event of a problem, the Robot Management System will notify you and the experts at our Robotics Operations Center. All inVia Picker and inVia Runner robots are continuously monitored across a variety of performance metrics to ensure proper operation. If any issue is detected, the backup robots can automatically take over the fulfillment process, and the malfunctioning unit will be replaced by inVia.

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