inVia Automation System

This is a comprehensive warehouse picking system, and then some. Our system dramatically increases productivity and accuracy of order fulfillment by creating efficient workflows for moving goods and eliminating time wasted walking through the warehouse.

Robotic Picking

Intelligence drives it all.

Desktop showing inVia RMS screen

The engine of our system is the AI-driven software working behind the scenes to keep your warehouse running efficiently. inVia Logic calculates the most efficient inventory moves in the fulfillment process, and inVia Command tells our robots or your people how to make those moves. It all integrates seamlessly into your existing warehouse environment with no need to make any infrastructure changes.

Set Up and Integrate With Ease

Our software complements any Warehouse Management System (WMS), and it solves one of the biggest challenges in traditional systems integration. It includes inVia Connect, a communications and translation tool, that enables quick and easy exchange of data between inVia's system and any WMS. You can also keep your racks and your floors, as they are. Our robots adapt to them.

Capture – and Store – More Intelligence

Our system is cloud-based and gives you the ability to input, manage and leverage unlimited points of data to make your warehouse smarter. Our business intelligence reporting module gives you easy access to data you need to make quick decisions. We also continually update the system through AI and machine learning. Updates are included with your system, so you are always ahead of the technology curve.


Access inVia Picker Robots With Your Mobile Devices

Our portal and dashboards let you see real-time locations of robots and inventory, as well as productivity levels, from most any smart device. You can monitor your operations and make informed decisions wherever you are.

inVia Picker Robots

Use PickMate to Guide Your People

inVia Command can also help your staff move goods more efficiently in zones where you aren’t yet using inVia Picker robots. Use our inVia PickMate module to give simple instructions for moving ordered items from the pick face into order bins. It also includes a management view with real-time visibility into productivity levels.

inVia PickMate

Eliminate Single Points of Failure

Built-in redundancy and failover system support means you won’t risk operations shutting down.