Product Overview

Increase fulfillment up to 500% or more with the world's first AS/RS goods-to-person Robots-as-a-Service platform.

The inVia Picker effortlessly picks a warehouse tote

A Robot That Picks, Not Just Carries

The inVia Picker effortlessly picks anything in a tote under forty pounds (40 lbs), whether your bins are filled with packs of gum to a bunch of yoga class weights. Pickers operate as an automated storage and retrieval solution (AS/RS), picking totes, bins, and boxes directly from your existing warehouse shelves. Picker empowers your warehouse team by cutting costs up to 50% and working collaboratively with human operators.  With Invia Robotics, you'll be teaming up to drastically increase your throughput.

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Easy to implement.

Unlike other robotic solutions, implementing inVia Robotics solutions is not costly or time consuming. With a brief review of your data, we can recommend the best solution. No need to redesign your entire process, modify your distribution center, or build one from scratch. No construction project required!

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Easy to love.

InVia Robotics works with your existing warehouse management system (WMS). Whether your distribution center faces seasonal swings or continuous growth, our platform seamlessly integrates additional robots for optimized throughput. From implementation to modification to expansion, our subscription-based Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) is all about transformation without disrupting your supply chain.

inVia Picker Benefits

inVia Robotics provides the next generation of robotics warehouse automation solutions for e-commerce fulfillment centers through the world’s first “Robots-as-a-Service” platform.

Flexible and Repeatable

Picker skillfully picks items as small as a pack of gum, as delicate as fine jewelry, or as bulky as a case of soda, totes, bins and boxes.

Minimizes Time

Picker cuts your cost per pick in half or more. It drives efficiency with every pick.

Gets the Job Done

Can run on its own or team up with an inVia Runner or human operator, quickly getting the job done.

Battery Life
*Hot Swappable
Payload Weight
Lift Extends Up
up to 8ft
Max shelf depth
Max Ramp
Max Base Speed
5mph (2.2m/s)

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You're in control with Invia Robotics' Robot Management System

Meet the inVia Robotics Management Software.

Know your cost per pick with every pick. Real-time updates enable you to monitor your fulfillment process from nearly any smart device from wherever you are. The RMS seamlessly integrates with your existing warehouse management system and directs robots and humans for optimal efficiency – you don’t have to reprogram anything.

  • Monitor and adjust the entire automated picking and delivery system 24/7 on almost any smart device
  • View robot health and functionality information in real time
  • Advanced optimization and AI algorithms enable large number of robots and humans to efficiently work together
  • Prebuilt modules exist for most systems, and an API layer allows easy integration with others
  • Store snapshot of pick and place to defend against damage claims
  • Failover support and redundancy